Our mission is to provide young adults with popular brand products to help foster their academic and social growth. We want our customers to receive their products the easiest and fastest way. Within the products we sell, we want to give each student the best quality brands.


1000 W Green St, Bensenville, IL

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About Outside the Box

Meet The Team

Kaylee Jagniatkowski

Sales Associate

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Kaylee is a hardworking saleswoman. Her work ethic helps our company succeed.

Juliet Salawa

Sales Associate

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Juliet is one of our marketing and sales associate. She is a varsity dance manager and is somebody you'd love to work with.

Thinking Outside the Box

Outside the Box is a virtual company. We strive to give each of our customers the best customer satisfaction.Aimed to benefit young adults in urban areas, Outside the Box sells a variety of bundles with products that are high in demand. These products come from Nike, Patagonia, YSL Beauty, Apple, Samsung, Infinity, etc.; to help promote social and academic

growth in all young adults. 

Why choose, OTB?

Our team works to satisfy our customers with only the most demanding and affordable items on the market. Our crew understands buying products is more than just buying a shirt, it's about buying the brand and the quality that comes with it. With our bundles, you will be given high quality brand bundles based on the box at reasonable prices starting at $312.

Estephanie Velasquez

Chief Operations Officer

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Our newest edition to the team is Estephanie. She works and leads with large amounts of determination. 

Magdalena Bryk

Chief Analytics Officer

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A very funny person, Maggie is the personality of our brand.She is on the varsity Dance team

Dominic Socha

Accounting Associate

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Dominic is one of our hardworking accountants. He is filled with large amounts of determination.

Marisol Roman

Accounting Associate

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Marisol is another one of our accountants. Her funny and kind personality makes her the ideal coworker.

Kevin Rodriguez

Accounting Associate

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Kevin  is one of our accounting associates on the team. He participates in club baseball.

Ricky Avelar

Chief ExecutiveOfficer

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Ricky is our proud and hard-working CEO of OTB. He is also a member of the varsity volleyball and soccer program.

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